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10 Quick Home Cleaning Tips:

  1. Run 2 bottles of white vinegar through your washing machine on a hot wash, 1 bottle in the drawer and 1 in the drum, once a month, this prevents smells and a buildup of washing powder in the machine.
  2. Keep an eye on the dates on food in the fridge, especially in warm weather meats and poultry can go off quicker
  3. Rinse out fridge shelving with micro fibre cloths with a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice solutions to kill odours, especially fishy smells.
  4. Check your toaster by turning it upside down on newspaper to take out all the crumbs which might attract mice and insects, as well as preventing a burnt odour or smell.
  5. Wipe down counter  tops with an anti bacterial spray ensuring no germs spread, a good one is Malones Anti Bacterial Household Cleaner with essential oils of orange and lemon.
  6. Keep a daily check on your microwave for splashes and spills.
  7. Check jars, rices, spices and sauces to makes sure they are still in date.
  8. Keep floors clean with micro fibre flat mops, which make accessing under furniture easier and attracting dust and dirt
  9. Malones Tile Cleaner also made with essential oils, containing no silicone or no solvents and is environmentally friendly.
  10. Regularly use a descaler in you kettle to avoid scale build up.

Cleaning and De-cluttering Tips:

If you have too much clothing in your wardrobe, the first thing to do is empty everything out of your wardrobe and then decide what you are keeping and what you are throwing away.

Have different coloured plastic bags to differentiate where everything is going. For example, black bag for throwing out and coloured bag for charity.

Then organise your wardrobe, first with colour coordination. Then with only what fits and what you really need!

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