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Coronavirus Sanitation


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It is extremely important to professionally sanitize your work premises.
Giving you and your staff and customers the peace of mind required at this crucial time.
The circumstances of our hygiene requirements.
It has changed dramatically over the last few months and it is advisable for all of us to keep the standard ongoing.

We here at CLEANER ANGELS are in business over twenty five years and very experienced in deep cleaning and Sanitizng.

We have a cleaning product to clean and sanitize all surfaces giving protection for 72 hours
It will create an active 72-hour kill zone with a Deep Clean from our experienced team at Cleaner Angels.

It is both an extremely effective cleaner and is certified to kill MRSA, Norovirus, and C-Diff. Log 8+ reduction against MRSA, fully effective against Norovirus spores, and the creation of a 72-hour active film kill zone, makes this the most effective biocidal product that also cleans extremely impressively detailing all areas of your premises giving you peace of mind that you have taken the steps necessary to protect your customers.

It is truly the most effective Biocidal cleaning and sanitization product available today!!
Disclaimer. This is a sanitizer only!! Not a cure for any virus

If you would like more information and a chat as to how we can help you Call Sue 0877832803.